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Keep the School Organized:
Happy Parents & Teachers knowing What Belongs to Who!

Now more than ever avoid mix-ups and germ spreading. 
Avoid School Allergy & Disease Outbreaks (While Raising Funds On Auto Pilot)

Stress Free

We have everything set up for you, available year-round.

Help everyone get organized!

Useful labels that help teachers, parents, and kids get organize and avoid mix-ups and lost items.

Ultra-Resistant and Super-Cool!

100% water-proof, washable, mud, pool & ocean resistant personalized labels for each camper!

Absolutely Free!

No minimum commitment, no fees.

Secure payment

Secure payment

Fast Processing

Fast Processing

We ship in 24 hours
Express mail available

100% USA Made

100% USA Made

All our products are printed by us in USA

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