Did you know that:

  • Every year an average of 50,000 children are hospitalized because of the Flu and other contagious diseases acquired at their daycare or school?
  • 1 in 13 children has food allergies, and more than 20% of children have a reaction at schools / daycares?


Our Step-Up Safety Program for daycares is a convenient and affordable tool to help prevent this issues.As a caregiver of small children you know the importance of labeling their stuff, not only to avoid mix-ups and lost items but to avoid accidental intake of any food or beverage that can cause an allergy outbreak or spreading disease like the Flu by sharing bottles or any other personal items.




There are 3 options to the step up program:

  • Order for all (with or without your daycare logo)
  • Offer a unique discount for your families
  • Simple printed and/or online form
 ***You have the option to raise funds for your daycare or any organization of your choice with any of the above mentioned choices.


Is your daycare ready to step-up up with our prevention program?

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