An easy DIY idea with personalized labels

An easy DIY idea with personalized labels

Looking for an easy, quick and inexpensive gift idea for Mother's or Father's Day? At Stickerkid, we’ve got the perfect creative DIY project that your kids can easily make for their favorite superheroes. And the cherry on top : their creation will be even more beautiful if they add a personalized label from Stickerkid as a finishing touch!

An original DIY idea from Stickerkid

It goes without saying, mothers and fathers are loved and cherished by their children all year round. And ultimately, there is no need for a special day. But, honestly, what mother and father don't revel in a little extra attention from their kids: a bunch of flowers plucked from the garden or a special home-made painting... but let's try something different today and craft something other than flowers and drawings! 

Everything you'll need for this project is something you probably already have at home. These are:

  • A small matchbox
  • Some colored paper scraps
  • Pens and scissors
  • A glue stick
  • A small heart-shaped sweet or another small object to put in the matchbox
  • And last but not least: a personalized label from Stickerkid


Start by cutting a piece of colored paper of your choice to fit the size of the matchbox. Then glue it to the outside of the matchbox, so the paper covers it completely. Now, let your children use their imagination to personalize the inside of the matchbox and then put a little special treasure inside. 

How about a sweet note written by them or a lovely little drawing? Or how about a heart-shaped sweet, a little figure or a small voucher for washing the dishes or emptying the rubbish basket? They can fill the matchbox they have decorated themselves exactly as they wish. The final touch consists of sticking a small customizable label from Stickerkid in the lid of the matchbox. And voila - it’s all done!

Decorate your artwork with customizable labels from Stickerkid 

Stickerkid's customizable labels are the perfect little extra detail to perfect your kids' crafts. Choose from different sizes, shapes and colors and let your children choose their favorite designs. You can even add your own photos on the labels!


I’ll create my customizable labels 


You can choose round or heart-shaped labels, mini labels, medium sized, large or extra large labels and personalize them with the wide range of colors that we offer at Stickerkid. Then add your text and choose your favorite font, an illustration or even your own photo. This is the perfect opportunity to add your children's favorite superhero on your new labels!



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