New ideas for a terrific Halloween party | StickerKid Singapore

New ideas for a terrific Halloween party | StickerKid Singapore

Only a few more days, then strange characters haunt the streets again. Want to have a fun Halloween party with your kids? We've gathered some funny new ideas for you! Enjoy the thrills...

Terrifying mummies

It doesn't always have to be pumpkin soup. If you want to offer something sealty to your little vampires, witches and ghosts, you can quickly turn a piece of toast into mummies. You probably already have the tomato sauce, olives for the eyes and cheese slices at home.

halloweentoast fuer kinder


Biting donuts and a kid's sunset cocktail

Honestly, what would Halloween be without candy?

These biting donuts are prepared very quickly. Get mini donuts from the local bakery and carefully enlarge the middle hole with a sharp knife. All you have to do is stick sugar eyes with a little icing (mix about 1 tablespoon icing sugar with a few drops of water) on the donut and give it a good denture..

bissige donouts mit gebiss aus fruchtgummi

Only missing the right drink to your sweets. As soon as the sun sets, the terrifying characters wake up. What could be better than a sunset in a glass? With only a few ingredients, you can magically make this effect appear in a glass.

halloweendrink mit stickerkid aufklebern verziert

All you need is orange juice (or any other yellow juice like peach or pineapple) and raspberry syrup. Isn't it magical?

For a quick decoration, all you need is a black table ribbon, a few crawling spiders and small labels for straws and toppings for donuts.

halloween tischdeko für kinder trend 2018

To ensure that drinks are not exchanged during the celebration, simply mark the straws with our small name labels.

For the stickers you will need:

  • Straws
  • Circular shaped punch or as here with wavy edge
  • The remains of black, white and red paper
  • Stickers with frightening logos

By the way: you can also order the stickers without names in our shop. Under the theme "Monsters" you will find these funny people and if you like them more colorful and even more terrifying, you can take a look in the new category "Halloween18".

halloweendrink mit stickerkid aufklebern verziert

Ghost Muffins

If you have a little more time to prepare, you can put chocolate muffins in the oven and then decorate them with a ghost. A marshmallow butter dough is a good choice here. For eyes and mouth, you can use the chocolate droplets from the pastry department.

schokomuffins mit weisser glasur für halloween


Trick or Treat!

When your children set out to ring their neighbours' doorbell, a good catchphrase and a candy collection bag are of course part of it. If you make these pretty ghost bags, you can even use them as decoration at home, equipped with a small LED candle!

süssigkeitenbox für halloween DIY


Ghost balloons

Maybe you're celebrating with several families together? To avoid boredom after the meal, you can prepare a small table for the children where they can make these ghost balloons.

With a little white tulle, black lacquer pencils for the face, normal white balloons become little ghosts in the blink of an eye.

geisterballons zu halloween


Enjoy these Halloween days! Do you have recipes or ideas for a stress-free Halloween party? Let us know about your tips and tricks in the comments!

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