How to choose your perfect school name labels for the start of the 2022 school year?

How to choose your perfect school name labels for the start of the 2022 school year?

Are you ready: Back to school season is just around the corner! Sorting and organising the children's belongings is often quite an undertaking for many parents. Whether your little ones are going to nursery, kindergarten or primary school, Stickerkid's personalised labels designed for school supplies are sure to change your life for the better!

Why personalise your school supply labels?

Back to school can be a hectic time of year. And even more so if you have several children: spare clothes and bottles to prepare for nursery, bags and jackets for kindergarten, and long lists of school supplies to purchase and then label with the children’s names all visible. What a logistical nightmare! But with personalised, self-adhesive name labels that you can quickly apply to all the objects and clothes for school, your life will be so much easier.



Start the new school year with peace of mind and be your most organised self: with every felt-tip pen, book, notebook and pair of slippers equipped with a self-adhesive name label. If you do this methodically and in advance, the first day of school will be stress-free! Whether your child goes to nursery, primary school or kindergarten.

Personalised school name labels will prevent your children's belongings from getting lost or accidentally swapped with other children’s things. If they’re lost, they‘ll be found again quickly! You’ll also avoid that all the materials you’ve just bought disappear after just a few weeks... and yes, we all know that children can quickly become absent-minded ;-) Labelling your children's things is also super practical as it allows them to quickly and easily identify the items that belong to them.


Personalised labels for kindergarten

In kindergarten, young children learn how to read, write, use arithmetics and general life lessons in a group setting. When everyone has similar items, they can be hard to tell apart. To make it easy for them to find their personal items, clothes and shoes, use customisable stickers from Stickerkid!

Even though children in kindergarten don't necessarily have their own pen cases, school bags or scissors to label, they’ll take other things with them that can be lost or swapped with other children.

Customisable self-adhesive name labels for objects can be used to label the favourite toys that your children bring to school, their water bottles or their snack boxes. Iron-on or non-iron-on name labels for clothes will prevent your little ones from losing their jacket or raincoat or swapping it with their classmates. The labels specially designed for shoes are also perfect for kindergarten. Your children will be able to distinguish between left and right and, most importantly, will be able to easily find their own pair of shoes, boots or slippers in the chaos of the cloakroom.

All items labelled in time for the start of primary school

When starting primary school, the list of school supplies needed is often quite long. Labelling your children's belongings not only makes it easy for them to distinguish what is theirs, but also ensures that they don't accidentally swap their pencil case, eraser or jumper with their classmates'. And if something gets lost, it should be very easy and quick to find!

Custom, self-adhesive school name labels are equally suitable for small items such as pencils, pens, rulers and scissors as well as larger items such as books, notebooks and water bottles.

The small school name labels can easily be stuck to even the thinnest pencils and pens, and they’re scratch resistant. Large self-adhesive labels for notebooks and books are also very durable and stay in place for a long time. Just choose the size of the labels you want to personalise and then customise them with the text your children want.

Customisable school name labels from our pack

Ideal for labelling your children's various school items, the labels and stickers in this school pack are very resistant to everyday wear and tear, so that they can remain in place for many months. They make it easy for your kids to identify their belongings and prevent loss and theft of their supplies, while adding a colourful and personal touch.



Rather than adding each product type in the pack to your basket individually, why not opt for the School Pack and save 30% on your personalised labels. You’ll find labels for school pencils and labels for school notebooks.

The Stickerkid School Pack includes 154 fully customisable self-adhesive name labels of various types:


I’ll personalise my own pack


How can I personalise my name labels?

What if we told you that personalising your school name labels is super quick and easy? Depending on the surface you’ll want to apply your personalised labels for school supplies to, you can choose from a range of different sticker sizes (mini, small, medium, large) and shapes (round, rectangular, heart-shaped).

After typing your child's name and/or any other important information you’ll want on the stickers, you can let your child's imagination run wild with the wide range of colours, illustrations and text fonts available on the site. You can even add a photo to personalise your self-adhesive school supply labels even more.

Check out our catalogue and choose from all the different customisable labels and start the new school year in the best possible way!


Let's get started!


Why choose Stickerkid?

Stickerkid's customisable school name labels are produced within 24 hours and will arrive in your mailbox within just a few days. What's more, delivery is free with any purchase of 30 euros. 

All of our self-adhesive name labels are made of high-quality, eco-friendly materials in our own Swiss facility. They’re water, sun and scratch resistant, microwave and freezer proof, as well as washing machine and dishwasher proof.

Stickerkid has recently been awarded the Swiss Made Label certificate, which certifies compliance with Swiss quality and manufacturing standards.

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