Hello autumn! Let’s create funny chestnut owls | StickerKid Singapore

Hello autumn! Let’s create funny chestnut owls | StickerKid Singapore

What a summer it was! If you are already missing the outdoor swimming pool and the yummy ice cream, you can look forward to a wonderful autumn. No other time of the year nature has more treasures in store for us. So: get your toddlers, don't forget a bag and let's go outside! The most beautiful chestnuts you can craft into these cute owls. We'll show you how!

You need:

  • Chestnuts, autumn leaves, acorns small twigs
  • A piece of fabric for the wings
  • Scissors
  • Orange-colored craft cardboard
  • Wobbly eyes
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue

Let’s start! Start with the eyes: use the craft glue and place the wobbly into the acorn caps and then attached them to a chestnut with hot glue. We used old fabric from a cloth to cut out the wings. Alternatively you can simply use craft cardboard. Now let’s get the owl a hat! Use a chestnut shell, a funny leaf or something else. We’re pretty sure your toddlers will come up with something funny.

When all the owls are finished, you can glue them to a small branch and hang them in the window. Have fun collecting and doing your little chestnuts owls!

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