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Wrap Snack - or: fresh air in the lunch box

Our children are constantly under pressure at school (and also in kindergarten) - it is logical that they should recuperate the energy they have used during their lunch break. With healthy, tasty snacks that can also be prepared quickly! Not so easy when you have to think about what to put in the lunch box with one leg still in bed in the morning...

5 funny outdoor ideas during winter

Outside it is freezing cold and the Sledge Mountains are populated by small and big snow dwarfs, who are sledging down the mountain. But at the latest after the 10th downhill ride a change would be appropriate, wouldn't it? That's why we have chosen the 5 most beautiful ideas for you to do in the snow right off the slopes.

Bubble pictures against the winter blues

When it is stormy and snowy outside, when muddy boots drip off in the wardrobe and everyone is waiting for spring to finally arrive, one thing above all helps: lots of color! Prepare everything for a fun, colorful afternoon with your children - they'll look the other way when they discover what crazy ingredient they're working with today!

Great World Cup Party ideas with kids

Great ideas for hosting a World Cup Party

It's Mother's Day soon

It's Mother's Day soon! And so that the men of this world don't hang around the supermarket or the flower shop in front of the chocolate shelf again, I've come up with a super simple DIY idea that the dads can work with your children in less than 10 minutes. Leave this article on your kitchendesk completely randomly ;) I keep my fingers crossed that the fish will bite...

Cheeky little fruits in a glass

Children and vegetables. It’s like cats and dogs. For some reason these two parties seem to have a very bad relationship with each other. But I don’t understand it! I love all kinds of vegetables but when I serve my children a vegetable stew it’s like I would cancel TV time for the next two weeks!

Turning old into new. A smart way to get children's clothes into shape!

It can happen very fast: stumbled on the playground, stuck on a hedge and suddenly there it is – this big hole in the jeans! What now? Throw away the jeans?

In the Easter bakery

Easter will be here soon - a good occasion for many to feast together with friends and family. In our family, an Easter brunch has become a loved tradition. Especially when the children are still small, mid-morning is a good time to meet – as now everyone is still relaxed and well-rested.

Making the most of small kids’ rooms

No room in the home needs to be as multifunctional as the children's room. In here our kids sleep, do homework, play, cuddle, read... the list is endless. But the fact that this room is usually one of the smallest in the house, making it difficult to decorate.

The big clear out

Every year, just before spring kicks off, I’m feeling an inner rush. I look around our home and everything seems too much, too colorful and to untidy to me.

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