About us || Find out who is behind your lovely name labels

What’s in a name? Turns out: a lot.

A simple name could be all it takes to prevent anything from mixed-up uniforms to a serious illness. In fact, yearly in North America $30 million of clothing goes into a landfill or slightly more, fortunately sometimes to charity because it is in a “Lost and Found” bin.

What’s even worse is that 50,000 kids go to the emergency room every year because they accidentally drank from their sick friend’s bottle at school or daycare. We may be just a humble group of concerned parents and longtime friends, but we’re solving a massive problem with a simple solution… because—like you—we’d do anything for our kids

The genesis of Stickerkid…

Began at one of our potlucks where we were commiserating over the highs and lows of parenthood. We had a moment of revelation when we realized every single one of our children seems to be true virtuosos at losing their clothes, toys, school supplies, and even shoes (really—how???). We were tired of buying the same items over and over again. And we were troubled by this apparent shortcoming we seemed to have no control over in keeping our kids healthy.

We started talkin’ labels. But as parents ourselves, we knew the label companies out there didn’t meet our standards. Many made labels that were still dependent on our own chicken scratch, cheaply crafted but overpriced, and worst of all: creatively limiting—which kind of defeats the purpose of labeling something—an effort to individualize something otherwise easily indistinguishable.

Enter: Stickerkid.

We’re far from being the new kid on the block. In fact, we’ve been in this neighborhood so long that our lemonade stand is now a lemonade empire, as we sell and ship worldwide! But if you’re somehow only just hearing about us for the first time…  

Our vision

is a world in which kids no longer lose anything, but rather gain everything—including the right to a clean bill of health no matter whom they play with.

Our mission

is to serve fellow parents and caregivers worldwide as day-savers; saving kids from the accidental sharing of bacteria-spreading items and saving money by putting an end to lost clothing and possessions.

Our values are:

- High quality, matching your little ones on the scale of perfection. We make our own products ourselves, guaranteeing hundreds of possible combinations regarding colors, icons, and more. They’re functional enough to pass your test, and fun enough to pass your kids’ test.

- Parental-grade customer service. We devote to you the same patience and care we devote to our children. Hence the benefit of being parent-run—our eyes, ears, and hearts are open to suggestions from you to keep Stickerkid the ultimate day-saver.

- Dedication to our communities and important causes through our fundraising program, because we believe raising children to be outstanding adults, takes a village. As that metaphorical village, we have a responsibility to our own children, but also to yours.

So, what’s in a name?

Well, when choosing a company to keep your children and their possessions safe… quite a lot. Make that name Stickerkid and you make your kid’s name the priority.

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