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Turning old into new. A smart way to get children's clothes into shape!

It can happen very fast: stumbled on the playground, stuck on a hedge and suddenly there it is – this big hole in the jeans! What now? Throw away the jeans?

In the Easter bakery

Easter will be here soon - a good occasion for many to feast together with friends and family. In our family, an Easter brunch has become a loved tradition. Especially when the children are still small, mid-morning is a good time to meet – as now everyone is still relaxed and well-rested.

Making the most of small kids’ rooms

No room in the home needs to be as multifunctional as the children's room. In here our kids sleep, do homework, play, cuddle, read... the list is endless. But the fact that this room is usually one of the smallest in the house, making it difficult to decorate.

The big clear out

Every year, just before spring kicks off, I’m feeling an inner rush. I look around our home and everything seems too much, too colorful and to untidy to me.

We’re Ready for Easter

You know this situation: you are invited over for coffee to a friend’s place and you quickly need a small present to bring along? For such occasions, our DIY idea is perfect!

Come on dear spring

Have you already noticed? The smell of snow slowly but steadily mingles with a quiet anticipation of lush meadows, the laughter of children and the humming of bees!

Small cooks

You can imagine the scenario: "Let me do this", "Careful (!!) – let me take this", ... Just letting your kids help you in the kitchen, requires a lot of calmness sometimes. And trust. And of course, it is easier and quicker to do things yourself.

Rainy days – and now?

Unfortunately, most of the time rainy weather means boring days at home. At the latest after the second rainy day – there is no more Mr. Nice Guy! That’s why we have collected five exciting activities for you and your kids:

Carnival party on a budget

You want to host a really cool Carnival party for your kids? Then you have to take a look at the following ideas - bet you want to get started right away?

Memories in a Jar

"Collect moments, not things". Have you heard that phrase before? Think about it. It’s usually the simplest moments in life that feel the most wonderful: the moment when the first wave of summer tickles your toes. A "Mummy, I Love You". And yet it is precisely these little treasures that are so quickly forgotten.

Buddha Square

Healthy food is on everyone's lips and the latest trend in the food scene is called the Buddha Bowl. So what exactly is it?

Your Stickerkid Dayplanner

Organize your kids' day with the free daily planner from StickerKid.


Setting goals and wishes


The new year is still untouched like freshly fallen snow. Before the magic fades and the daily grind ramps up again, we created a fun whiteboard experiment to set some family goals for the year ahead.

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